18th June: Tune Into Front Row

18 June 2013

Thomas and Neil with Mark Lawson.

Thomas and Neil with Mark Lawson.

Neil and Thomas will be on Tuesday's edition of the Radio 4 arts show Front Row and you can listen to it on the good old interwebs! It's amazing how technology works - I was in awe of an egg timer until my fourteenth birthday.

Tuesday 18th June from 7.15 to 7.45 pm on BBC Radio 4.

It's time to warm the valves of your wireless up in preparation for the gents appearance on Front Row, and if you haven't got a wireless then fire up your laptop contraption and listen to this delightful programme on the information super highway!

Listen live at the Radio 4 Website.

The programme will be available on the BBC iPlayer after transmission.

BBC iPlayer Help - Can I Use The iPlayer Outside The UK?


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