21st August: The Greatest Test

16 August 2013

Your host - Andy Zaltzman!

Your host - Andy Zaltzman!

Catch the chaps at the comedy-cricket-quiz "The Greatest Test" at the George IV Pub, Chiswick. Limited tickets available!

Wednesday 21st August from 6-9 pm.
Limited spaces available.

From The Times website:
"The Times presents a series of Ashes themed comedy-cricket-quiz specials! A live show, that doesn't have rules, it has laws. In fact, it’s not a quiz, it's a test!

We have two nights lined up at the excellent Headliners in Chiswick a the George IV pub.

Hosted by The Bugle’s Andy Zaltzman, two panels of the greatest cricketing minds including comedians, Times writers and cricket lovers will battle for glory over a series of rounds devised with help from the audience. There will be laughs, there will be tears, there will be sledging.

Each show will include a rotating line up picked from Miles Jupp, Paul Sinha, Kent Valentine, Geoff Norcott, ‘Leg Side’ Lizzy, Oli Broom, Alistair Barrie and the finest cricket minds from The Times.

Tickets can be purchased here while Times Plus subscribers can get tickets here."


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