27th June: Another Day on The Wireless!

27 June 2013

Our Cricket Pop heroes are feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Our Cricket Pop heroes are feeling as fresh as a daisy!

Those delightful Duckworth Lewis chaps have another busy day ahead of them in wirelessland. Ah! The joy of the glowing valves and crackles as mother moved the receiver too close to the fire. Lovely memories.

It's chit chat central!

Our favourite purveyors of Cricket Pop have a day of phone interviews with various BBC radio stations.

Click on the links and you will be transported to the station's homepage where you can listen on these very interwebs!

Here are the ones that are due to go out live:

BBC Northampton - Bernie Keith Show (11.15am)

BBC Ulster - Alan Simpson (Afternoon)

BBC Stoke - Matt White (Afternoon)

Other interviews will be for:

BBC Sheffiield - Andy Giddings

BBC Merseyside - Paul Salt

BBC Wales - Alan Thompson

BBC Humberside - James Hoggath

BBC Berkshire - BBC Introducing With Linda Serck

Please be advised that times are subject to change at the last minute and are also dependent on the broadcaster's scheduling.
Interviews can also be added, dropped or petted lovingly like a purring cat. Your internet browser is looking lovely today by the way. x