30th May: Steve Lamacq’s Roundtable

30 May 2013

Our new single entitled "It's Just Not Cricket" gets its first airplay on Thursday's edition of the popular review show. We are all really rather excited.

Thursday 30th May from 6 to 7pm on BBC 6 Music.

Steve Lamacq will be playing our brand new single "It's Just Not Cricket" on this evening's edition of 'Roundtable'. Guests include comidian Josie Long, Radio 2's Janice Long and Art Brut frontman Eddie Argos.

You can listen live online at the 6Music homepage.

Please remember to text Roundtable on 64046 (during the show) or tweet them @BBClamacqshow if you like the track!

The programme will be available on the BBC iPlayer after transmission.

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