3rd July: Instore At Tower Records Dublin

18 June 2013

Wednesday 3rd July: Our popular purveyors of Cricket Pop will be playing instore at Tower Records, Wicklow Street from 1pm.

Messrs Duckworth and Lewis are delighted to announce the forthcoming release of "Sticky Wickets" on 1st July of this very fine year dated 2013 (Or the 28th June if you are in Ireland!)

Duckworth said: "Lewis and myself felt it would be at least 20 years before the world would want another Duckworth Lewis Method album. But it rains a lot in Ireland so we revised our prediction of 20 years by using the Duckworth Lewis Method and it turns out we only needed to wait 4 years."

Lewis added: "It's all Duckworth's fault."

To celebrate this Cricket Pop milestone, the chaps will be playing instore at the rather splendid Tower Records Dublin.

For more information please visit the lovely Tower Records websites listed below.


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