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Archives: May 2009

Duckworth And Lewis Are Here!

"Morning has broken and I've got to go..." With the latest in carrier pigeon technology, we bring you an update from Mr Duckworth. The ink is still wet!

Let’s Get ‘Jiggery’ With It!

"It's our historical, phantasmagorical destiny..." I do like to have a strum on my dear guitar, but I am sure you would love to hear what has been happening in the world of Cricket Pop. Over to Mr D for an update!

We’re On Twitter: Twicket!

"On a sunny summers day, we'll enjoy a full days play..." Ah! The joys of the outside world bring a smile to one's face. But what aboout this new interweb lark, it's all really quite exciting!

Hello Fellow Cricket Pop People!

Against the backdrop of flickering candlelight, our Cricket Pop hero takes to his trusted typewriter and sets about his work ... "Hello! Good morning. We're tossing a coin to begin"