“Hello, Good Morning”

1 June 2009

"Finding the sun in an Irish summer is somewhat akin to Russian roulette..."

Can you feel it? Can you smell it?? Can you taste it???

“The Duckworth Lewis Method” are fast approaching your shops, your stereos and your heads!
Lewis and I are proud to show you some of our very precious artwork and let you all know the song titles that mean so much to us, and hopefully will mean just as much to you.
For the artwork just click onto our jam-packed photo/memorabilia section on MySpace and enjoy!

The album will be delivered your way on July 6th (UK) and July 3rd (Ireland)
“The Age Of Revolution” will spin your way, digitally, on the 28th of June.

We’ve just received the strictly limited (beautiful) physical one-track promos of this amalgam of pop-funk-cricket and history!
So keep your ears to the crease for a very special one-off give away of some of these ‘rocking horse poo’ items especially just for you loyal cricket-pop lovers!

Here’s the album track listing :

 1.  The Coin Toss.
 2.  The Age Of Revolution.
 3.  Gentlemen And Players.
 4.  The Sweet Spot.
 5.  Jiggery Pokery.
 6.  Mason On The Boundary (feat. Matt Berry)
 7.  Rain Stops Play.
 8.  Meeting Mr Miandad.
 9.  The Nightwatchman.
10. Flatten The Hay.
11. Test Match Special.
12. The End Of The Over.

We’re also proud to serve up another juicy taster from the record just for you!
“Flatten The Hay” is now up on the MySpace player for your Edwardian-Pop approval! We hope you’ll love it and embrace it as much as everything we’ve sneaked out to you so far.

Roll on June & July!

Duckworth & Lewis are here.