“Ireland, Ireland” Hits iTunes

27 March 2010

"Ireland, Ireland"

Ducky and Lewis have composed a new national anthem entitled "Ireland, Ireland" and you can now download this brand new track from iTunes. All you have to do is click and all the lovely music will travel down the interwebs to your ApplePod or MPWhatsitPlayer. Splendid!

Rejoice! Rejoice! For those lovely Duckworth Lewis chaps have decided to release their heartfelt paen to Ireland due to massive popular demand!

The chaps are thrilled that their alternative national anthem (or “Alternanthem” as we like to call it) touched the hearts and souls of so many people.

Originally written for The Irish Times, Ducky and Lewis’ “Ireland, Ireland” is now available on the wonderful iTunes thingamajig!

And that’s not all!

As well as “Ireland, Ireland”, there is an instrumental version of the song that you can use for fun Karaoke…

Or why not make up your own words to the music and write your own tribute to the Emerald Isle! It’s Shamrock-tastic!!

Each track costs 79p (€0.99), but you can get both for the bargain price of £1.29 (€1.49)!!!

Download "Ireland, Ireland" now!



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