Let’s Get ‘Jiggery’ With It!

30 May 2009

"It's our historical, phantasmagorical destiny..." I do like to have a strum on my dear guitar, but I am sure you would love to hear what has been happening in the world of Cricket Pop. Over to Mr D for an update!

Duckworth here from the bowels of the DLM pavilion!
Whilst Lewis is getting his ‘pads on’ I’ve decided to give you all yet another sneak preview from the years most unawaited cricket pop albumnac.

You are all privy to another seminal slice of Duckworth & Lewis tunesmithery… and there is also a little story to accompany your listening pleasure.

Recording took place for “Jiggery Pokery” initially in Dublin with Lewis playing a tremendous unbeaten 3 and a half minute innings of perfect piano pop. And after a late flipper regarding a certain line in the song we now had a middle section that was preceded by the line “like an accident prone baboon”...!

This started the silly senses tingling, so when Lewis flew to London to play for his county team he called up some friends (famous and not so, but all friends) to shout, sing and swear their way through our middle order section of the song and they all performed splendidly!

Now a collection of ‘baboons’ is known, amongst comedians, as a ‘flange’ so we may just credit our fine team mates as THE FLANGERS… but we haven’t decided on that yet. What we do know is that your support and best wishes on the MySpace site so far has been phenomenal and we’re almost at a loss for words to describe how chuffed Lewis, myself and all the DLM team are at your continued loyalty and love for the project.

Duckie Out!! (Lewis in bed zzzzzz)