Merry Christmas Everyone!

22 December 2014

Ducky and Lewis are in fine spirits for my Christmas party!

Ducky and Lewis are in fine spirits for my Christmas party!

Messrs Duckworth and Lewis wish to convey their festive greetings to fellow-enthusiasts of Cricket Pop everywhere. This year Grandfather DLM HQ takes to the interwebs for a festive message.

Dearest Cricket Poppers,

It's that time of the year where we spruce up the old clubhouse with garlands of sparkling tinsel, beautiful baubels and a tree freshly acquired from the local park.
The candles are burning brightly, the dog is asleep in front of a crackling fire, and the smell of mincepies are spreading their aromatic wings to the heavens whilst coating the rafters with their scented joy!

We have a turkey sourced locally (thanks to Mr Jenkins and his poaching skills), a magnificent array of vegetables (thanks again Mr Jenkins) plus a cabinet full of wines, beers and spirits which should last us to Boxing day - Hurrah!

I am feeling very pleased with myself this year as I have purchased the best present ever for my great granddaughter Beyonce. She asked me for a barbie, and after two-long hours making my way through B&Q, I have ordered a magnificent four burner which will be put to good use in the cricketing season. My tastebuds are salivating at the thought of a nice rare, succulent steak. I never had anything like that when I was seven, Beyonce is such a lucky girl!

Yours in festive spirits**
Grandfather DLM HQ x

** Mainly gin and sherry.