New Single: The Age Of Revolution

27 June 2009

The Age Of Revolution!

The Age Of Revolution!

The new digital-only single "The Age Of Revolution" is on iTunes from 28th June, 2009.

We're proud to announce that "The Age Of Revolution" will hit the virtual record shops on Sunday 28th June, 2009.

Yes, our first slice of delicious Cricket Pop can be yours as an easy to purchase download from the iTunes store.

Remember - this piece of perfect Pavilion Pop is only available as a spangly new digital download thingamajig.

By clicking on the link below, you can download your very own digital-file-thingy of "The Age Of Revolution"!

Take me to iTunes for The Duckworth Lewis single!

Look COOL! listening to this delicious slice of Cricket Pop on your ApplePodZen player!

And GROOVE! in the Summer Sun to the funky-pavilion-pop that is The Duckworth Lewis Method!

Download and enjoy!


LISTEN: Download The Age Of Revolution From iTunes!