Pre-Order Sticky Wickets!

14 May 2013

The brand new Duckworth Lewis album will be coming out on 1st July! To make sure you get your hands on this lovely piece of audio, we have helpfully put all the pre-order links in one handy place.

Pre-order our fine new long player 'Sticky Wickets' from the following emporiums:

Rough Trade - For CD and Vinyl
Rise - For CD and Vinyl
AmazonUK - For CD
AmazonUK - For Vinyl
Download from iTunes

The Duckworth Lewis Method are here to sate your Ashes fever with their musical tribute to this very special game.

Featuring a cornucopia of vocal talent including Henry Blofeld on "It's Just Not Cricket", David 'Bumble' Lloyd on "Boom Boom Afridi", Daniel Radcliffe on "Third Man", Stephen Fry on "Judd's Paradox" and Matt Berry on "Mystery Man", it's got something for everyone!