Season’s Greetings!

24 December 2015

Has anyone seen Santa?

Has anyone seen Santa?

Messrs Duckworth and Lewis would like to wish everyone all the best for the festive period.

From the desk of Grandfather DLM HQ ...

Christmas Eve is such an exciting time! I have been sat on this lovely chair and taking in the beautiful fairy lights that adorn the walls with their colourful blanket of twinkling visual wonderment. There are others here too, who filled with childlike energy, are enjoying this rather fun game of bingo. I am rather puzzled that I have been given a small piece of paper with one number printed upon it, but with all this new-fangled interweb technology, I expect it is the bingo of the future!!!

My granddaughter has gone to fetch some more disco lights for our annual Christmas celebrations, as they were beyond repair after Mr Johnson's accident involving a large bowl of custard and a badly parked segway. Still, it's the season to be jolly and I do enjoy fun outings like this one!

Yes! 325! Ha! "BINGO!" Forgive me as I bring this year's entry to a premature stop, as my number has come up on the electronic board!

What luck! I handed the ticket to the nice lady behind the counter and she handed me a box of ... DISCO LIGHTS! It's a Christmas miracle!!
My granddaughter has been giggling all the way home and I do hope that we go back to this Argos* place soon as I'm on a lucky streak!!!

See, Christmas is the time for magic!

Grandfather DLM HQ x

PS: Best wishes for the New Year, I believe it is 2016.

*PPS: I have been asked to point out that other marvellous gift distribution places are available.