Tweeting Mr Miandad

17 August 2009

Help us spread the word of Cricket Pop using the interwebsuperhighway! All this new technology is amazing, utterly AMAZING! In my day we would rush to the local newsagents to purchase the latest edition of Film Fun and that would entertain us for weeks. Now it's all there at the click of a button.

... And tweet the good news!

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Meeting Mr Miandad

Bring your sandwiches, some sturdy shoes and a walking stick!

Yes, you’re all invited to join us on the trip of a lifetime!

The Duckworth Lewis Method proudly present their new single “Meeting Mr Miandad” and cordially invites you all to join our convoy.

This lovingly crafted piece of Cricket Pop will hit the interweb on the 23rd August to coincide with the close of the Ashes.

Download the "Meeting Mr Miandad" EP from iTunes!

This digital single will be presented in a bundle of Pavilion Pop goodness.

You will get:

Meeting Mr Miandad
Meeting Mr Miandad (Acoustic Version)
Meeting Mr Miandad (Video)

Messrs Duckworth and Lewis have utilised the latest in zoetrope technology to bring you this rather splendid videogramme.

You can watch the rather lovely video at:

The Duckworth Lewis YouTube Page

We look forward to seeing you all by the camper van on the 23rd August!


“One of the year’s very best albums.” Independent * * * * *

“It’s a record of beautifully constructed songs, so perfectly rendered as to be melt-in-your-mouth lovely.” Guardian * * * *

“ ‘Sport’ has never had a finer soundtrack.” The Times * * * *