Anything Should Happen Again: Sticky Wickets Review

The Anything Should Happen Again blog takes a look at the new album by our cricket pop heroes.


It's Not Cricket.

The Ashes starts tomorrow and it's particularly exciting for us Cricket Lovers, particularly as I've just booked the fifth test in Sydney for the return.

So it seems apt to mention my favourite album of this year so far. The Duckworth Lewis Method's second album, Sticky Wickets, is released in a timely fashion for the great cricketing fest and regular ASH readers will know of our love of both Divine Comedy and Pugwash, Thomas Walsh being a good friend of the ASH Blog's over the years.

Is it what you expect, well sort of and at times not at all. Neil Hannon is at times, Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh offers up the best song Jeff Lynne never wrote with Third Man, but it's the unusual that makes this so special.

Boom Boom Afridi is almost Afro Beat with a David Lloyd appearance and as a patriotic Lancastrian, it's another reason for me to celebrate, If you're gonna go, start the car indeed.

The two songs that grab me the most are Line And Length, a sort of mix of Paul Hardcastle's 19 and Weird Science, truly wonderful! Nudging and Nerdling (another David Lloyd Phrase) is largely a repeat of the title but done in such a hypnotic way that it's mesmerising.

It's long been gobsmacking to these ears why Pugwash aren't bigger, they push all the right buttons and the DLM mix, Thomas Walsh's chorus writing genius with the marvellous idiosyncratic wonderment of Divine Comedy. Hannon and Walsh are a marriage made in heaven.

Fear not, non Cricket fans, there's tons here for you, the songs stand up if you know nothing about the sport, but for those that do it just adds to the enjoyment and how too Irish Lads can write something so English is just great.

When the Aussies have been beaten Five Nil and David Cameron has claimed credit for that and probably this album, you'll know different.

You should buy this now!

Anything Should Happen Again - ASH

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