Connected Magazine: The Duckworth Lewis Method

A 2009 review of the debut Duckworth Lewis Method album from Connected Magazine.


The Duckworth Lewis Method • • • • •
The Duckworth Lewis Method

Irony abounds in the world of Derry pop genius and melody manufacturer Neil Hannon, not least in this suitably divine collaboration with Pugwash behemoth Thomas Walsh about, er, cricket. Ironic firstly that two Irish musicians should be so committed and nerdish about the most awfully-awfully of sports, but also that an album stuffed with cricket references sounds this, dare I say it, hip.

The secret of DLM’s success lies both in the endearing trainspotting lyrics and the two men’s instinctive craft with a playful tune and a Beatlesey bounce. The end result is like an album of the best 70s kids-show theme songs - gentle and friendly, technicolored, and communicable to anyone with a pulse. For Hannon, this is just another chapter in an enviable career – by anyone’s standards – but for Walsh it could be the break he has deserved for far too long. For the rest of us, it is simply an Irish pop landmark. Singular.

• • • • • Great
• • • •  Pretty Goog
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