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Adrian Thrills makes "Sticky Wickets" the Album Of The Week!


The Duckworth Lewis Method: Sticky Wickets (Divine Comedy)
4 Stars

With this summer's Ashes series starting on Wednesday, Irish duo The Duckworth Lewis Method have timed their second album to perfection. The pair, who sport bushy beards worthy of WG Grace, are named after the formula for settling rain-affected one-day matches, and their affection for the minutiae of the game is clear.

With songs liberally littered with catchphrases from Test Match Special, Sticky Wickets could have lapsed into novelty. But Duckworth and Lewis (in reality the Divine Comedy's Neil Hannon and Pugwash's Thomas Walsh) steer clear of pastiche on 12 lovingly-crafted songs that marry droll lyrics with deft arrangements that owe plenty to The Beatles and ELO.

After the success of their debut, The Duckworth Lewis Method now have greater clout: Daniel Radcliffe and Stephen Fry both make soken-word cameos.

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