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A 2009 article about The Duckworth lewis Method from the Daily Mail.


The next big thing: The Duckworth Lewis Method

Who are they?

Two Irish musicians who met in Dublin and bonded over a shared love of The Beatles, ELO and the sound of willow on leather. Duckworth (Thomas Walsh) and Lewis (Neil Hannon) have since made one of the most startling albums of the summer: a lovingly crafted collection of songs inspired by the game of cricket.

Why the fuss?

Firstly, The Ashes. The pair are poised to capitalise on the cricket fever sweeping the country. The self-titled album is attracting rave reviews for its musical content, too, with Walsh’s Sixties-inflected arrangements augmented by Hannon’s clever wordplay. The duo (who sport beards worthy of W.G. Grace) have also snuck in some mischievous double entendres: The Nightwatchman and The Sweet Spot could be about more than just cricket.

What’s the story?

Taking a sabbatical from their day jobs (Hannon fronts The Divine Comedy, Walsh is in Dublin band Pugwash), the pair stumbled on the Duckworth Lewis idea over a pub conversation. They took the name from the mathematical formula used to settle rain-affected one-day matches. Says Walsh: ‘We found common ground over ELO, and started writing songs which used cricket as a metaphor for something bigger.’

And then?

The song Jiggery Pokery, a droll, piano-based number about spinner Shane Warne’s ‘ball of the century’ to England batsman Mike Gatting, convinced them there was mileage in a whole album.

They added a song about Pakistani batsman Javed Miandad, plus a tribute to Test Match Special, and finished the recording in Abbey Road studios, a six-hit away from Lord’s.

Says Hannon: ‘When we told our friends in Dublin that we were doing a cricket album, they laughed. But, since then, everyone seems to have taken us to their hearts. Some have wondered what two Irish guys know about cricket, but the sport is a massive global game. We’ve tried to reflect that. We’ve also tried to incorporate lots of different genres - everything from glam-rock to reggae.’

Where can I hear more?

The Duckworth Lewis Method is out now on Divine Comedy Records. The group are playing the Latitude Festival today.

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