Independent On Sunday: Rough Trade East Review

A review of The Duckworth Lewis Method's 2009 instore show at Rough Trade East.


The Duckworth-Lewis Method, Rough Trade East, London

The Duckworth-Lewis Method, Hannon’s twee but likeable “pavilion pop” project, exploits the symbolic power of cricket. It’s a whole Wisden-reading world of metaphor: getting your pads on, tossing the coin, hitting the sweet spot, and so forth. Rarely do they zoom in on specifics, like lobbying for Harmison to be drafted into the Ashes XI, although the verse “Always denied entry/By the English gentry/Now we’re driving Bentleys/ Playing Twenty20” is as succinct a summary of the recent seismic changes in the game as you’ll find.

The styles on show vary from Small Faces pop stomps to Flanders & Swann whimsical wordplay, of which the finest example is a tribute to the Aussie leg-spin legend Shane Warne, with the tongue-twisting chorus “It was jiggery-pokery/Trickery, jokery/How did he open me up?”

The cricketing establishment has responded favourably to this flattery, and before “Test Match Special”, Hannon announces that the band have been invited on actual Test Match Special, “with Aggers and Blowers”. They look the part: a bassist in a straw boater, Hannon in a striped blazer and pince-nez, and a portly co-singer with a WG Grace beard, but an attempted spot of batting practice with a safely soft ball shows a level of village green ineptitude that suggests they might want to think twice before turning pro.

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