Lurgan Mail: The Duckworth Lewis Method

A 2009 review of the debut Duckworth Lewis Method album from the Lurgan Mail.


The Duckworth Lewis Method

8 Out Of 10

THE name of this band and matching album title should be enough to attract even the most fairweather cricket fan.

But what’s in it for music lovers?

Quite a bit actually.

For those not in the know - The Duckworth Lewis Mehtod are Neil Hannon from The Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh from Pugwash.

Suddenly the non-white cardigan wearing public are interested.

Hannon seems to revel in eras gone by. This time round, assisted by his good friend Walsh, he romanticises about the nobility of cricket and chronicles some of the sport’s enduring memories over the years.

Mike Gatting’s duck to Shane Warne in the first match of the Ashes series in 1993 is tackled brilliantly in ‘Jiggery Pokery’ - a novelty song with lasting appeal.

While every ditty on the album loosely fits into the genre of popular music there’s a good bit of variation in the tunes if not the theme.

They come across a little T-Rex on ‘Sweet Spot’ and with ‘Mason On The Boundary’ and ‘The Nightwatchman’ they explore a brooding opulence. There’s plenty of sunny days numbers like ‘Gentleman And Players’ and ‘Meeting Mr Miandad’.

Current single ‘The Age of Revolution’ combines Charleston brass with a synth riff to beautifully demonstrate Hannon and Walsh’s ability to sculpt a song that carries its message both lyrically and musically.

It’s ironic to hear music fit for an English country garden from two Irishmen.

The Duckworth Lewis Method have produced a cricket concept album. No easy feat. And whatsmore they’ve produced a rather splendid cricket concept album. And what perfect timing with the Ashes on the gogglebox.

Well done chaps - jolly good show. I’m bowled over. 8/10

Lurgan Mail - Graeme Cousins