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Paul picks "It's Just Not Cricket" as his Song Of The Day for 14th July, 2013.


My favorite album of this young summer is Sticky Wickets from the Duckworth Lewis Method. It is a collaborative effort between Neil Hannon of the Divine Comedy, who's one of my favorite songwriters ever, and Thomas Walsh from the band Pugwash, who I'm just now getting to know. They bonded over their mutual love for ELO. If they'd stopped there, I would have gobbled up their album on the spot. That's just everything I love about the world in one big pop orchestra package.

However, they added one more element to their project: Their entire oeuvre is about cricket.

Video: It's Just Not Cricket

Being an American, of course, I know next to nothing about cricket. I have tried to learn. I've even tried a cricket video game. I'm out of my depth. The phrase I keep reading in relation to the DLM goes along the lines of, "There's some about cricket that brings out the crazy in people." I present this video as pretty incontrovertible proof. Although I have no idea how Professor Elemental could not have been invited to participate.

Bonus: One of my favorite viral videos of this year from YouTube user TheExplodingHeads, in which a would-be cricket announcer analyzes a baseball highlight reel.

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