Q Magazine: The Duckworth Lewis Method

A 2009 review of the debut Duckworth Lewis Method album from Q Magazine.


The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method

1969, CD/Download
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3 Stars

Very possibly the first cricket-based concept album.

Named after a type of calculation for target scores, The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon and Pugwash’s debut concerns cricket, from the self-explanatory The Nightwatchman and The End Of The Over, to the Flanders & Swann style Jiggery Pokery, which remembers “Shane Warne’s “ball of the century” in 1993.

References to Javed Miandad and googlies may stump cricket agnostics, but they’ll be bowled over by the impossibly glorious harmonies, Hannon’s typically wry touches, the saga of road trips to Pakistan in a VW camper van and the pathos of Mason On The Boundary.

DOWNLOAD: Meeting Mr Miandad (Q 50), The End Of The Over, The Age Of Revolution.

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