The Digital Fix: The Duckworth Lewis Method At Lord’s

The Digital Fix reviews our Cricket Pop Heroes launch show at the Home Of Cricket.


Lord's cricket ground, home of the gentleman's game of cricket, is not your usual venue for a gig, but then The Duckworth Lewis Method are not your usual band. Infusing their love of the aforementioned with a keen ear for the whimsical pop which both protagonists, Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh, have long been associated with, this evening's little game is both genteel and outrageous fun.

With second album Sticky Wickets just arriving in the middle and The Ashes beginning this week in the glorious sunshine to which we are currently being treated, there is an air of expectation and frivolity - as well as a sense of privilege - to witness tonight's show. The free glass of Pimm's we are all greeted with upon entry serves to heighten the slightly surreal feeling.

The set is a fairly even mix from both their albums, with all numbers being welcomed with some very sporting cheering and clapping, but nothing too strenuous, god forbid! Old favourites 'The Age Of Revolution' and 'Jiggery Pokery' and heralded as much as 'Third Man' and the bonkers 80s electro inswinger 'Line And Length'. But all are overshadowed ultimately in the final over with 'Meeting Mr Miandad', a song that so wonderfully encapsulates this most bizarre of bands.

I still have doubts, despite the poppy brilliance of many of the tunes, over their appeal to those outside of the cricketing fraternity – the hilarious double meaning of 'The Nightwatchman' would be completely lost for instance – but there is no denying the utterly madcap genius that this pairing have crafted here. Now, to put the Aussies to the sword…

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