The Independent: Fantasy Band - Neil Hannon

Neil Hannon (AKA Mr Lewis) chooses his dream group: "I settled on Nile Rodgers; he's the coolest man alive, really..."


Drums: Kraftwerk

Ralf and Florian, the two founders, never played the drums, but I do love the bits in old Tomorrow's World footage where the other two were just sort of tapping bits of tin foil with strange styluses. I want the other two in this.

Bass: Kim Deal

I guess this is in reference to my teenage lustful years. I was in awe of Kim and her playing with the Pixies. I guess the melodic element came later with The Breeders. I know she's left the Pixies again now, but I never got to see them on their revival – so it doesn't make much difference to me. I'll always have my memories.

Guitar: Nile Rodgers

I thought about Jonny Greenwood or various people who are more into guitar pyrotechnics, but I settled on Mr Rodgers because he's a songwriter and the coolest man alive, really.

Keyboards: Maurice Ravel

He wrote some fabulous piano music. He had jazz chords in there, too, quite early on, before other composers had cottoned on to it in the Twenties – so he was very ahead of his time.

Vocals: Marlene Dietrich

She couldn't really sing, but she had an amazing presence and confidence. I've just realised there's quite a heavy German influence in this band, which was a bit of an accident!

The Duckworth Lewis Method's new album, Sticky Wickets, is out now. They tour the UK from 20 September.

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