Times Playlist: The Duckworth Lewis Method

A 2009 review of the debut Duckworth Lewis Method album from the Times Playlist.


The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method

Rated: 4 Out of 5

Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh’s paen devoted entirely to cricket is the aural equivalent of Pimm’s on a hot summer’s day. While the drollery is exquisite (the Coward-ish ditty Jiggery Pokery imagines Gatting’s ire at Warne’s ball of the century: “Robbery muggery, Aussie skulduggery, out for a buggering duck”), spiffing melodies match the frivolity; the loping English reggae of The Age Of Revolution is destined for Ashes TV coverage.

A novelty album, sure, but irresitibly content in its own barmy pop-cricket universe.

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