Word Magazine: The Duckworth Lewis Method

A 2009 review of the debut Duckworth Lewis Method album from Word Magazine.


The Duckworth Lewis Method - The Duckworth Lewis Method

1969/Divine Comedy Records

A really great record about cricket made by two Irishmen.

The English remain so unsure of their contributions to culture that it takes a couple of Irishmen, Neil Hannon of The Divine Comedy and Thomas Walsh of Pugwash, to make a record about cricket.

Named after the arcane method of deciding the winner of rain-affected matches, The Duckworth Lewis Method’s view from the boundary encompasses broad themes like the relationship between empire and the game in The Age Of Revolution, specific historical incidents like the Shane Warne ball that bamboozled Mike Gatting in Jiggery Pokery, fantasises about setting off to Pakistan to meet their heroes in Meeting Mr Miandad or lyrical explorations of the game’s metaphorical riches in Mason On The Boundary.

It’s as bewitching and intermittently profound as the game itself and as full of hooks and tunes as anything by The Divine Comedy. If, like me, you’ve been puzzling what to buy for that cricket-loving fan of clever pop, puzzle no more.

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