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Archives: July 2009

We’re on YouTube

Ducky and Lewis embrace this new fangled world of interweb-tainment! Rather than walk all the way down to your local cinema for visual thrills, you can watch the lovely new video for Meeting Mr Miandad from the comfort of your own armchair.

New Single: Meeting Mr Miandad

The new digital-only single "Meeting Mr Miandad" is on iTunes from 23rd August. Taken from the debut self-titled album this musical homage to Javed Miandad is a pleasurable earworm that you won't want to get rid of!

The DLM Is Today FM’s Album Of The Week

We are thrilled to be Today FM's Album Of The Week: "Fans of either The Divine Comedy or Pugwash (or both) will have a fair idea of the keen sense of melody that both Hannon and Walsh possess, not to mention the wordplay that they can work into a lyric, and both talents are on display in abundance on this album."

We’re iTunes Single Of The Week

DLM HQ has decked out the clubhouse in garlands and cracked open their finest bottle of red to celebrate! iTunes has chosen "The Sweet Spot" as their single of the week and it's FREE to download - Yes, Free!