Thank You!

23 November 2013

Our favourite purveyors of Cricket Pop are very excited that they will be playing Dublin and Belfast in the last week of November. The delightful Messrs Duckworth and Lewis have taken time out of their intensive late-night viewing of The Ashes to write an electronic message to one and all!

From the desk of Mr Duckworth:

"Next week will see the culmination of yet another memorable year for me and Neil as our cricket-pop-loving alter egos The Duckworth Lewis Method.
And as a thank you to all of you lovely loyal fans here's a peek into how tough and exhausting the writing process can be for us.
The important thing that points towards 'genius' is a perfect start."

Originally Posted On 23rd November, 2013.


Ticket Link For The Olympia, Dublin - 27th November

Ticket Link For The Limelight, Belfast - 28th November