Daily Music Guide: The Age Of Revolution

A 2009 review of "The Age Of Revolution" single from the Daily Music Guide.


Duckworth Lewis Method - Age Of Revolution

To say that the Duckworth Lewis Method have an interesting name and sound plays down the sheer force of nature of their first single. With a line up that includes Neil Hannon (of the Divine Comedy), the Duckworth Lewis Method is named after a complex mathematical question predicting cricket game outcomes.

‘Age Of Revolution’ is the first single of their eponymous album, and is released on the 28th June, with the album released on the 6th July. ‘Age Of Revolution’ has originality in spades. It’s four minutes of effortlessly performed pop, turning the current trend for sampling and ‘80s synthesisers on its head. The opening melody copies the sound of 1920s dancehall with its jazzy sounding trumpets.

With lyrics that discuss the universal right to play cricket, regardless of social class (“strolling to the Oval/we’re all going global’), and the wish for the English to be good at cricket again, the song comes across as an interesting mix of flapper music and present-day electronica.

Sometimes, one word can sum up a record more than a reviewer could and this song can easily be summed up as ‘jaunty’. However, hope remains that they can keep up this early promise in the future.

Rating: 4/5

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