RedTrackMusic: Best Album Of 2009!

A review of the debut Duckworth Lewis Method album from RedTrackMusic.


Well if this lot didn’t get best album I’d have to give up writing. The Duckworth Lewis Method somehow made a concept album about Cricket and not only got away with it but made a classic. ‘Meeting Mr. Miandad’ and ‘Flatten The Hay’ were definitely two of the best tracks around last summer and the combination of Neil Hannon and Thomas Walsh working together was just superb. Lush melodies, beautiful imagery and wonderful eccentric songs about the Gentleman’s game..

An unusual selection some might say but it was a unanimous decision in the RedTrack office and it’s not like you need to love cricket to love this album. Well done to 1969 records for supporting geat music. So Thomas Walsh pulls it off for a second year in a row. Will we get a new Pugwash album this year. We certainly would love it and look forward to seeing them do well on Ape records. We hope the DLM win the Meteor tomorrow night too.

RedTrackMusic - Robert McNamara